• Tips for applying Hair Fibers

    Tips for applying Hair Fibers
    Make sure your hair is completely dry Applying hair fibers topically is most effective when the hair on the scalp is dry, so either blow or air dry the hair before proceeding. The hair fibers electrostatically attach to your own hair by creating a neutral charge if the hair were wet the fibers would just clump into sections. Once applied just pat them down...
  • How to make your hair look thicker!

    How to make your hair look thicker!
    Blunt Cut A blunt cut makes hair look thicker because the ends of the hair appear denser and fuller since it adds tons of body and dimension to create the illusion of fuller hair. Style the hair by using a straightener, grab a strand of hair at the root, smooth it out, and curl it inward to add texture to the hair. Adding some...
  • Female Versus Male Pattern Baldness

    Female Versus Male Pattern Baldness
    Female and Male pattern hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia. In females' signs of hair loss may appear as early as the teenage years and eventually it may branch out to a sparse tree pattern at the part. Starting with grade 1 where you have some thinning in the crown area of the head behind the front of the hair line. Which in grade...
  • Hair Loss and Testosterone

    Hair Loss and Testosterone
    As men get older, testosterone can become scarce. All of your body's processes can become less efficient as you age, resulting in wrinkling skin, decreased bone density, slower recovery from injuries, and a variety of other issues.Lower hormone levels, particularly the male androgen testosterone, can also be caused by aging. While low testosterone may have a cultural stigma for men who take pleasure in...
  • Applying Hair Fibers on Bald Areas

    Applying Hair Fibers on Bald Areas
    While it may be alarming, finding a lot of hair strands clinging to your brush or spread across your pillowcase in the morning is very normal.According to the Canadian Academy of Dermatology, the average person loses between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day! And, while that may seem like a lot of hair falling out on a daily basis, it's crucial to remember...
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