Learn how to make your hair look thicker!

Learn how to make your hair look thicker!

Blunt Cut

A blunt cut makes hair look thicker because the ends of the hair appear denser and fuller since it adds tons of body and dimension to create the illusion of fuller hair. Style the hair by using a straightener, grab a strand of hair at the root, smooth it out, and curl it inward to add texture to the hair. Adding some face-framing layers or a fringe around the face, with shorter hair at the front can also help make hair look thicker. Adding this texture to the hair gives the appearance of thickness, versus anything having no layers. The hair becomes one-dimensional thus giving a flat and straight appearance.

Changing the Part

Changing the hair part creates volume because the same section of your hair is not constantly weighed down and you get an extra lift in your hair. It is good for the scalp because you are stopping the hair from falling in the same position which allows for new hair growth. New hair growth means more hair density on the scalp thus the hair will look thicker. If you normally part your hair in the middle this flattens the hair on the scalp and changing the part to the other side would create some volume and texture at the root. If you have any thinning/balding areas apply some SureThik hair fibers and spray it down with holding spray to complete the look.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are so good at making the hair look thicker and you can get natural-looking ones. Bonded extensions are individual strands of hair sewn under sections of your hair creating density for a thicker appearance. This adds all-around volume, but it works best for people experiencing overall hair loss/thinning rather than alopecia in specific areas. There are four main types of extensions: clip-on, sewn-in, tape-in, and toppers. The price points vary but hair extensions can become expensive over time. Extensions can last for a long time and look very natural if applied properly with care and time however, they can damage the existing hair.

Hair fibers

SureThik Hair Building Fibers are an amazing solution for instantly creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. While they are not permanent hair fibers, they are long-lasting. If applied correctly, SureThik Hair Fibers will stay in the hair until you shampoo it again. Our model used some dark brown fibers; start with opening the bottle and attach the twist on the pump applicator. The twist-on pump applicator comes with three attachments depending on how much coverage is needed, the attachment head size increases, so select one according to the area that needs to be covered. This is all included in the hair fiber starter pack. Now grab the hairline tool which is great to catch any fallout and create a natural even hairline. Start to spray evenly in problem areas to cover them away naturally with these keratin hair fibers. These hair fibers electro statically cling to your hair and scalp, covering any thin or balding areas. This gives the appearance of a full head of hair! Finally use some holding spray which enhances the bond between the hair fibers and your natural hair. This holds all the fibers and hairs into place and gives a nice shine finish.

Hair Fibers

Blow-dry hair with a Thickening tonic

When you blow-dry your hair, ensure you direct the airflow underneath the root and upwards, rather than blowing down on top of the head. Some blow-drying tips for faking thicker hair are to start with using a thickening tonic that will expand the strands of your hair without weighing the hair down thus you will achieve big and bouncy hair.  Work section by section and make sure you shake your styling product when applying topically for the best results. Now blow-dry the hair using a round brush to lift the hair and create tension in the hair for added volume but work by sections. Teasing the hair at the crown will also help achieve this volumized look.  It is important to take time here. It will give a better thickening result rather than blow-drying all the hair in 1 big section and pushing it down with the brush, this will weigh the hair down. Also, flip your head upside down and from your neck work down to the tip of the hair this pushes the hair against the root thus more volume. Finish off with some hair spray to lock in texture and volume in your hair for thicker-looking hair.

Add highlights to the hair

Well-placed highlights and general color can help add dimension to the hair. When the hair on the scalp is made of different shades there is a contrast between light and dark colors which gives the illusion of thicker hair. This creates dimension, texture, and depth in the hair which makes the scalp hair look fuller. There does not have to be a stark contrast even subtle changes in the hair color, little highlights added throughout would make a stark difference in creating the illusion of thickness.

Add a filter to your shower head

Hard water has higher concentrations of magnesium and calcium thus drinking it is good for mineral intake however it can be bad for thin hair that is prone to buildup. Hard water does not directly lead to hair loss but when there is a buildup of all these minerals on the scalp it leads to dry, brittle, and limp strands of hair. Over time it leads to breakage thus the scalp hair looks thinner, and the scalp becomes more visible. Add a filter to your shower head, it takes a minute to remove the minerals that are causing buildup on your scalp and preventing healthy thicker looking hair.



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