Tips for applying Hair Fibers

Tips for applying Hair Fibers

Make sure your hair is completely dry

Applying hair fibers topically is most effective when the hair on the scalp is dry, so either blow or air dry the hair before proceeding. The hair fibers electrostatically attach to your own hair by creating a neutral charge if the hair were wet the fibers would just clump into sections. Once applied just pat them down and apply some holding spray to keep them in place.

Select the right colour

Take time to choose the correct colour match because the better the match the more naturally the hair fibers will blend in with your hair. SureThik hair fibers are available in 8 colours and if you have highlights you an always mix two colours together. It is recommended to always start with the darker colour at the base and gently apply a little of the highlight colour on top to create a gradient that blends with the two tunes in your hair. If you are stuck between two colours always use the darker one at the root it will just give the illusion that the tips of the hair may just be colored lighter and that the roots contain the natural hair colour.

Avoid water around the hair fibers

Water or prolonged moisture would just clump up the keratin hair fibers and you would lose the essence of the natural look that the hair fibers give. But applying some holding/hairspray would help to hold the hair fibers if the spray is long-lasting and good quality.  However, SureThik hair fibers are wind, rain and sweat proof they will not run when wet but it best to avoid water directly on top. Avoiding water will help the hair fibers last longer thus less time is spent on reapplication because these will last till your next hair wash.

Apply a holding/hairspray

The SureThik holding spray creates an enhanced bond between natural hair and the hair fibers. Since the fibers leave a matte finish, the spray adds the necessary luster back into the hair and unlike traditional hair sprays, can be brushed after applying for up to 15 seconds before setting. Apply after the SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers are in place and hair is styled, spray 2 – 4 pumps evenly over the desired area. It takes 15 seconds for the Holding Spray to fully set. Continue to style hair if necessary

Use the hair fiber applicator tools

SureThik fiber application and hairline tools are patented gravity based designed to keep the hair fibers securely on the scalp. The hair fiber starter kit comes with three applicator heads, a pump, and a hairline tool. The three different heads on the applicator tool allow for a direct versus more spread application of the hair fibers, so select the size of the head according to the are that needs coverage. Work slowly and layer as you build your way up.

Use a scalp scrub

Scalp scrubs are designed to exfoliate the scalp to remove dead skin cells, product residue and oil buildup. Start by rinsing off the hair to remove hair fibers or any product in the hairline then massage the scalp scrub. A scalp scrubber tool would be good for this to get out any tough buildup, put pressure on your scalp in a circular motion. After rinsing this residue and apply a thickening shampoo and conditioner to get a clean scalp for the break between reapplications. This gives some time for the pores on your scalp to breathe and get ready for reapplication. A clean scalp makes it easier for the hair fibers to cling onto your hair so the least amount of product could give the most amount of coverage in your problem areas.




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