How do keratin fibers work and what do they do?

How do keratin fibers work and what do they do?

There are several solutions on the market that claim to hide any symptoms of hair loss, but many of them bring attention to the problem rather than disguising it in a natural-looking, effective manner. If you've been looking for ways to treat thinning hair and hair loss, you've probably come across the term "keratin." But what exactly is it? Keratin is a natural protein that is found in our natural hair. Therefore, many hair products use keratin as a key component for a variety of purposes, including hiding hair loss, strengthening hair, and even straightening it!

Do keratin fibers really work?

This quick, simple answer may appear "too good to be true" at first appearance, but the physics of how they function are basic and allow you to have an immediate solution to a problem in a simple, uncomplicated manner.

Keratin fibers are electrostatically charged (this varies by brand), and the micro laser-cut bits of keratin that appear like microscopic hairs attach themselves to existing hair, even if it is very thin or sparse, to quickly thicken and fill it in a matter of seconds. Because the strands are so fine and resemble real hair, they easily connect and adhere to existing hair.

SureThik fibers are wind, rain, snow, and sweat-resistant and they don't smudge, smear, or bleed any dies when they get wet.

Are keratin fibers safe?

Hair thickening fibers do not prevent hair follicles from growing. The 100% keratin fibres are formed of the same protein that your actual hair is comprised of. Fibers are safe to use, and because they have no side effects, they are one of the safest products to use to conceal thinning hair that will not interact in any way with other products or treatments, and it's even safe to use by hair transplant patients to give their hair that extra volume that makes it look completely perfect and full. Also, these fibers have no interaction with any type of medications, can be used by all genders, hair types, and in any situation. It's safe for pregnant women, chemotherapy, etc.

Can hair fibers cause hair loss?

No, hair fibers cannot cause more hair loss because they have no interaction with the hair follicles and have no negative effects or chemicals that may interfere with medication or other hair re-growth therapies. Hair fibers are put to the hair and remain there, unable to physically penetrate the follicle or pores. Furthermore, keratin hair fibres do not leak any chemicals that might be detrimental to the hair or scalp.

Are there hair fibers that are not made of keratin?

There are cotton hair fibers, but it's always best to look for Keratin! Cotton fibers are of lower grade and owing to the weight and texture of the material, they might appear artificial and powdery. Cotton fibres do not adhere to the hair as well as other fibers, and when exposed to moisture, such as perspiration, rain, or snow, they can bleed colors and smear.

Keratin fibers, on the other hand, are formed of the same protein as our natural hair, so they blend in seamlessly and appear completely natural; a high-quality one will go unnoticed.

Also, among the best keratin hair fibers on the market, we can find those that are electro-statically charged, which means they will attach to the hair by themselves, without the need for additional products, and stay on until washed off with shampoo. The best hair fiber on the market should not smear or smudge when exposed to sweat (yes, you can rock your thick hair even when working out), rain, snow, or any type of humidity.

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